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Hensoldt to Provide Optronics Suite for German, Norwegian Submarines

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German sensor company Hensoldt has received a contract to equip six German and Norwegian submarines with digitized sensor capabilities.


Under the contract, kta — a consortium of Kongsberg, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systeme, and Atlas Elektronik — ordered optronic systems to be equipped on U212 CD submarines at a cost of 50 million euros ($56.72 million).

“The order comprises six optronic systems, consisting of an OMS 150 optronic mast system, an OMS 300 and an i360°OS panoramic surveillance system for each of the six submarines of the Norwegian and German navies,” a statement from the company said.

“With the twin optronic mast solution, the clients opted for the technological leap from the conventional, traditional direct view of a periscope system to a completely hull-penetrating digital system solution,” the statement added.

The new optic system provides the U212 CD submarines with sensor equipment, which has the capability of providing the highest detection capabilities even in poor visibility. It has a high degree of automation and improves the warship’s ability to act and survive.

About the Sensor Equipment

The combination of OMS 150 and OMS 300 is being commissioned for the first time for the U212 CD class submarine.

OMS 150 is the latest sensor system in the OMS 100 family and it will be used as a search and surveillance optronic mast. It has full combat system integration, short wave infrared capability, and can be operated even in harsh weather settings.

The OMS 300 is a complex sensor system difficult to detect visually or via radar, which increases the safety of the crews. The multispectral optronic equipment provides the crew with the best visibility under all weather and light conditions.

U212 CD submarines

In July 2021, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systeme was commissioned to construct six new Type 212 CD submarines for the Norwegian and German navies.

The 5.5 billion euros ($6.24 billion) contract includes the delivery of two warships to Germany while the remaining four are for Norway.

Germany is expected to receive its two vessels in 2032 and 2034, while Norway will receive the first of its four submarines in 2029.

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